Prepping the Nursery

While in Orlando a few weeks ago we finally came up with exactly what we wanted to do in the nursery so when we got back we started work on it. We painted the top of the wall and the ceiling blue for the sky and the bottom of the wall green for grass. On Thursday, April 22, we started outlining some of the Disney characters we wanted on the walls, and Gina's sister, Tracie, helped by painting some trees, a butterfly, and flowers and stuff (all the artsy stuff we're not great at). Now we're in the process of painting all the characters with the multitude of colors we bought. It is going to take some time to get it all done, but we're really happy with the way it is all starting to come together. Keep checking here for our progress!

Tracie paints a tree

Rob and Tracie work on the Mickey wall

Mickey and Gang

Rob does Snow White's hair

Rob outlines the Tigger and Roo scene

Tigger and Roo with their tree

Tracie's cute butterfly

Rob starts the room with some sky

Rob finishing up the grass