The Nursery is Complete!!!

Getting all the wonderful gifts at our baby shower really got us moving and we finished preparing the nursery on June 13, 2004. It is a little bittersweet to have it finished though, because now we don't want to have to wait for Delaney to get here! Now that it is done we're ready to share everything with her and to really start using the nursery. We know that we'll have plenty of practice using it at all hours of the day and night once she does finally arrive, but now we're anxious for our wait to be over. If you've been keeping up with our progress on the nursery I kept the old pictures on a couple of pages. Here is a page that has pictures right after we started painting. This page contains pictures of the nursery after we had pretty much completed all our painting.

The furniture we are using really turned out well. We started with some old furniture of mine (a dresser and a nightstand), sanded off the existing finish, repainted it white, and replaced the hardware. We really weren't sure how the furniture would turn out in the end, but it turned out to be beautiful. We are so pleased with the finished product! The crib we have was originally used by both Jacob and Owen - our nephews. We also added a toy box from Lowe's and some blocks that we lucked into at a local garage sale. Gina repainted the blocks white with colored lettering and they are so cute!